We Focus on Customer Support

Gemicatech offers expert product and service support from highly skilled engineers in charge of installation to validation. We pride ourselves in providing instruments that can stand the test of time, we go to great lengths to make sure our products perform efficiently for many years to come, just as effectively as the first day of purchase. Careful inspection of each product is carried out by certified tools to guarantee that every instrument meets the requirements and specifications issued by the manufacturer.

We attend technical training on a regular basis in order to maintain the highest level of technical support to our customers. We understand the science and the application behind each and every instrument we provide due to our expertise in both chemical and physical theories. Gemicatech Annual Service Contract is also available to validate the performance of the instruments, regular visits of maintenance inspection is carried out throughout the year to guarantee the machines are working according to specifications.

Whilst every effort is made to reduce the annual run time cost, Gemicatech does provide original spare parts when needed. Consumables are ready in stock and our spare parts can be ordered at the shortest delivery schedule.



We offer a fully-integrated service package, trust Gemicatech from product selection right through to installation & beyond.

Servicing & Repair

We provide a full spectrum of servicing & functional repair capabilities from software related issues to highly technical repairs.

Spare Parts Supply

Spare parts may be supplied on a periodic basis as part of Gemicatech Service Contract.


We have a proven track record of providing cutting-edge analytical instruments and will custom-make a solution that's just right for you.